Thursday, March 4, 2010

Great 16 Week Ultrasound!

All looks well with baby BOY! :) That's right, Intel.ligender was wrong, very wrong! I am going to update the company, just because the representative asked me to. My perinatologist and the ultrasound tech said that, in their experience, that test is about 50% correct. Hmm....

Anyway, he is growing right on track, and the peri assured me that everything looks good. Blood was drawn for my AFP screening to check for a risk of neural tube defects, but she told me that at this stage they can usually see some signs via ultrasound if there is a major concern. I hope she's right and he arrives big and healthy in August!

We go back for another ultrasound 4 weeks to take a look at the heart and some other areas that are hard to see closely at this stage. But, there was no mistaking the boy parts!! And, although I admit to being a tiny bit sad that I most likely won't be able to experience a mother/daughter relationship (especially since I don't have my own mom), I am thrilled to be close to raising brothers. I hope I can foster their relationship so that they will have lifelong friends in each other. And an added perk is that the boys are going to have birthdays fairly close together, so Christopher's clothes should fit baby brother and I get teary thinking about putting a second baby in all of those cute little things with memories attached.

I will post soon with a name poll - I like a name, but I'm afraid it's a little "out there" compared to Christopher, which is so traditional. Coming soon!

Thanks for reading!