Friday, February 19, 2010

Boy or Girl?

I broke down and bought an Inte.lligender test. Handed my $30 to the cashier...she looked at the box and asked, "Is this supposed to tell you what you're having?" it claims! We'll see if the results hold true.

It did have a disclaimer on the box that if you have PCOS, you can possibly get a false "boy" result. So the test results were gold/orange (girl), with greenish sediment (boy?). So I emailed the company (including the photo below). They responded promptly and said just the color of the liquid in the vial mattered - so it's a "girl" result. The rep asked me to email when we found out via ultrasound to see if results were "confirmed". My 16 week ultrasound is 1 week from today, so hopefully we will get a look then! :) Either way I will be thrilled...we just want healthy.

We are debating names right now. I'd like to honor my mom (who's passing was 2 years ago yesterday). Her name was Ann. So right now the contenders are Abigail Ann, Lillian Ann (called Lilly Ann), Olivia Ann, and Annabelle Grace. I love Annabelle, but my hang up is that my cousin, who is getting married in July, mentioned a few months ago, that they have chosen Annabelle or Sebastian for future children. I didn't ask, she volunteered the info - I wish she had never said anything! Because now if we use the name, it looks like "name stealing". My second choice is Abigail Ann (Abby) at this point. We'll just have to see if this is even an issue on Wednesday if he or she cooperates! :)


  1. I can't wait to check back to see if the result was accurate. I was tempted to buy that test also because it's SO hard to wait for the ultrasound. I waited though, and found out a couple weeks ago that we are expecting a girl. It's just so fun to know!

  2. I was tempted to buy that too. I have PCOS though so I figured I better just wait it out. We pretty much knew from the beginning we were going to have a boy so I figured with PCOS it would tell me boy anyway. I hope you find out on Wednesday!! I know how much it stinks to wait. We went at 14w and I was hoping she'd tell me. She wouldn't have even looked at 18w if DH wouldn't have asked. She wanted us to wait for the 20w anatomy scan. She still cautioned us not to buy anything blue, yet she sent me home with a picture of an arrow pointing to the boy parts!! :) Pretty sure it's a boy. I love, love, love Annabelle!! I understand the name stealing feeling though. I love Abigail Ann and Lillian Ann as well!!

  3. My former boss bought and took that test before her gender u/s and the test was right... so you may be team pink. All of those names are beautiful, too! Either way, I hope everything goes well at the next appointment.