Friday, January 22, 2010

All is well!

Thank you all so much for the support. I feel like I sounded a little dramatic and whiney. I am really SO anxious during pregnancy. I don't enjoy the feeling that I have no control, and all the worry, hope, and positive thoughts really can't change the outcome of things. It is nice to have a support group that doesn't think I'm utterly crazy. (Or maybe you do, and you're trying to treat the crazy lady nicely!)

I went in and met with my RE. I got another ultrasound, which showed the very tiny (1cm x 1.4cm) subchorionic hematoma. He also did a pelvic exam which hurt! It turns out that my cervix is irritated from progesterone, and a yeast infection - nice! Which is causing my vag to swell and irritate my cervix. The bleeding isn't coming from the uterus. He also said that up to 82% of pregnancies have small hematomas and may never know. He's not worried about it, and told me to stay away from google. ;) Thanks Dr. G.

I'm feeling better about it all. My doppler arrived this week, but since I'm not slim, and it's still early (10 weeks, 1 day), I haven't been able to find the HB just yet. I'm not worried, surprisingly. I have another appointment on Monday to check the infection and we'll get another peek at the baby. Then my NT scan is on February 4th.

Here's the latest photo - we have yet to come up with an "in the womb" nickname for the little one. He/she has all four limbs and a very large head right now! :)


  1. Great news! I'm glad you were able to get some peace of mind :)

  2. You do not sound dramatic and whiney! You had every right to be nervous. I've been waiting for this update, wondering if you are okay. And I'm so glad to see that you are. That picture is just precious. I love it. Please keep us posted. I'll be thinking about you.

  3. Woot!! Thank God everything looks fantastic!! I hope the spotting has subsided. YAY for little one!!

  4. Great picture!! Happy that the little one is doing well and that you get to see him/her again so soon.

  5. I cant wait to see another ultrasound of my sister's baby. (Baby Boo!) The last one was at 8 weeks, and so much tinier than your little one!